What kind of porn do women like the most?

women.and.pornOne question I get asked quite frequently as I am running a women oriented blog what kind of porn do women like the most? However this doesn’t have any resemblance with our hip hop music but we are not limited and open to talk about any topic so finally, I am writing this post about Porn which can be a very complicated topic for some women. Depending on who you ask, it can be considered as a source of sex-positive empowerment or dangerous misogyny.

I often get asked, do women really watch / enjoy watching porn?

And the answer is certainly yes.

Do you poop/ brush/bath?? Yes…right.so do us and if you think only men can conjure up sex fantasies, then you are definitely wrong.

It has been shown, through functional MRI scans, that men and women show very different physiological and mental reactions when watching pornography so it stands to reason they would require different pornography. The success of 50 Shades of Grey and it being openly discussed unlike any other female erotica is the start of a long journey towards more pornography targeted towards mainstream women. The only question is how long that journey will take.
Online data reveals the secret erotic tastes of women.
The following statistics come from the folks at Pornhub’s data team. Its members were able to look at the team’s analytics and generate anonymized data on what the site’s female users are looking at.

1. The top two types of porn women are most commonly watching are “Lesbian” and “Gay (male)” porn.
2. The category with the most women viewing it when compared to men, however, is “For Women” porn.

top cateogries
James Deen and Xander Corvus are 500% more likely to be searched for by women than men.
3. “For Women” porn is a thing.
It’s a relatively new kind of pornography. It includes sites like pussysex.mobi and extremetube.mobi offers a whole new dedicated section for women friendly porn. The scenes are usually all shot in HD with an emphasis on sensuality.
4. A lot of straight women actually do enjoy lesbian porn! Also ‘shemale’ didn’t make the cut in the male list simply because there were not enough searches for this type of porn.
5. It makes total sense. Every woman I have ever been involved with has a lesbian fantasy, and most have a dp/gangbang fantasy as well. While my personal experience is quite limited compared to pornhubs it matches up to be almost identical.
6. The bulk of what women are searching for beyond that are things like “Rough Sex,” “Double Penetration,” and “Bondage,” which fall under BDSM and hardcore-related categories.
It’s often contended by activists that most online porn is sarcastic, treats women like objects, and features themes of exploitation and dominance. It can be hard to accommodate their delight and enjoyment of porn with their scholarly aversion of seeing women used as sex objects.
“Porn has an instant effect on the human body and mind and the psyche, even if you disapprove of what you are seeing . . . So women may find their body is saying yes, even though their mind may be saying no – and that can be upsetting.”
However, many activists go further and suggest that women would prefer to see porn that features more equitable sexual relationships and less objectification of women—again, the idea that women want to see “female friendly” porn.
Women are now also using it as a quick way to have sex without emotional investment, just as men traditionally have. “For women, just as for men. Porn and sexual addiction has always been referred to as a man’s problem,” But for women it’s an unspoken struggle. We have to give them the opportunity to speak the heart out.  So what are you waiting use the comment section below and share your views.

23 hip-hop legends & 4 pop-rap queens

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femalehiphop _artist_quiz

Row 1: Remy Ma, Nicki Minaj, The Lady of Rage, Rah Digga, Missy Elliott
Row 2: Monie Love, Queen Latifah, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Queen Pen, Fergie
Row 3: Becky G, EVE, M.I.A., Yo-Yo, Cher Lloyd
Row 4: Lil’ Kim, Kesha, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes (TLC), Da Brat, Trina
Row 5: Foxy Brown, Angie Martinez, MC Lyte, Azealia Banks, Salt-N-Pepa.

Women and Rap Music

Women and Rap Music Do they Mix ?

Rap music, a trademark of the hip-hop culture, is generally a man’s world. Ask anybody who the most famous rap artists are and Jay-Z, Eminem, Drake, Snoop Dog, Kanye West, 50 Cent, Tupa Shakur – all male names – are on top of the list. Consequently, most rap music fans are males too, but not all. The truth is that many ladies are also into rap music. They actually listen to them, have them in their playlists, and can even rap along to the music. As with any male-dominated interests, being a female rap-music lover is almost always met with brows raised, or worse, chuckles. Men can’t seem to accept that women can seriously be interested in rap music, and if so, are thought of as just trying to impress a guy. Words like, “oh, that’s cute of you!” and “You like rap? Oh, come on!” or “that’s a good way to attract a guy!” are some of the common reactions ladies would get from confessing to their love for rap.

The thing is, men do not have an ownership of rap music. It’s insulting for women to be judged as trying to impress a guy, or trying to be wife material, just because of her love for a type of music that men naturally gravitate to.

Some of my lady friends have actually bought, listened to, and do a mean rendition of some of the most popular rap music out there. I honestly find it amazing when they do it, because, yeah, I admit to being not much of a fan, but I can appreciate a good rap every now and then. And when it’s a lady that’s dishing it out – way cool! For someone like me whose only knowledge of rap music is limited to Kanye West (and all because of Kim Kardashian), seeing the passion with which these lady friends talk about the latest in the rap scene, playing rap music while driving to work and actually seeing them come fully alive under the spell of the music, I can appreciate that indeed this genre does not only appeal to men. Men should not have a monopoly of rap music, and therefore should not judge women who are as much into rap as they are.

The labeling of which kind of music appeals to a specific gender is obsolete. As much as men should not be judged negatively if they like romantic comedy type of movies or love songs and ballads or pop music, in the same way ladies must be given the respect for liking and patronizing rap music. Gender equality rules must apply even in this area. We cannot discriminate others or label them or put them in a box just because their preference does not align with what you think is appropriate for their gender. Because, who knows what trends the future holds? We might be seeing a number of Queen Latifahs taking over the rap music scene! More and more female artists could be writing rap music at this moment without our knowing it, and eventually producing new albums for every rap fan – male and female – to enjoy.