8 of the Best Websites for Women and What You’ll Learn from Each

The world has changed with embracement of gender equality which means that women can discuss and associate with issues that affects them directly. Women’s affected by issues such as education, business, politics can now have a platform where they can channel their concerns efficiently. It is for this reason that we analyze 8 of the best websites and what you can learn from each with aim of fixing your daily issues. The following are some of the best sites for women.


  1. Levo


This website aims and guiding women in their career. They use articles and personalized quotes to offer professional career guidance and mentorships to women. Levo also provides online causes to the women with the aim of improving their skills so that they land on better opportunities. If you are a woman who is looking for success in your career, this is the best website for you.


  1. Women 2.0


Women 2.0 site targets the female technology leaders. It has grown to be the most extensive website in the world for female technology leaders. It helps women by offering advice and services such as business hiring, business investments, and technological leadership. They also organize live auditions and events where female business owners meet, share ideas, pitch investors and offer guidance to the female business newcomers.


  1. Everyday feminism


Its main aim is to promote feminism. Everyday feminism was ranked as the leading voice for the social disparity. It receives about 4.5 million visitors per month from over 150 countries. It offers guidance on how to handle sexism at the place of work and also provides causes on self-development.


  1. Daily worth


This website provides financial advice to the women. It does this by helping women to plan their expenses, gives them tips on how to save and how to do shopping. They also teach women on how to succeed in their careers, ambitions, and relationships. You can also get yoga for mind relaxation tips from this site.


  1. Blog Her

They organize women conferences and call for locals to participate in equipping them with basics on food to take, how to travel and entertaining. They also have a professional advisory committee which advice on concerns that affect the female members.


  1. Hello Giggles

This is a place where women get updated with the latest news while having fun. It has a lot of humor and does not entertain negativity. It also equips women with tips on how to attain body fitness and makeup tutorials.


  1. Young women’s health


It is comprised of health experts and doctors who give health advices to teenagers and young mothers. They mostly concentrate on mental and sexual health. Girls are allowed to post questions without disclosing their identity, and they get professional feedback.


  1. New city girl confidence

It aims at offering career advice to the women with the intentions of rejuvenating them financially. They do this using articles they post on their website daily.


We hope that the list of the above websites will improve your skills and widen your knowledge on women issues.